Slovenia: Petrol to launch lawsuit against the state

, SEE Energy News

Slovenian State Prosecutor’s Office has rejected the group’s proposal for a peaceful settlement of the dispute over the effects of fuel price regulation, Nada Drobne Popovic, CEO of Slovenian energy group Petrol, announced.

Petrol has made a similar request to the Croatian State Prosecutor’s Office, as fuel prices in Croatia have been regulated by Government decisions in 2022.

Since Petrol has announced that if the state prosecutors of both countries reject the proposals for peaceful solutions to the disputes, they will probably seek justice in the courts, Drobne Popovic said that Petrol will launch a lawsuit against the Slovenian state.

In Petrol’s business report for 2022, it is stated that the company recorded a record revenue of 9.5 billion euros, but due to fuel price limitations in Slovenia and Croatia, the company’s EBITDA reached 96.3 million euros, or 60% lower value than in 2021. The difference in EBITDA between the two years of 188 million euros resulted in the amounts that the company is seeking from the Slovenian and Croatian Governments, reduced by some other amounts lost by Petrol due to additional regulatory measures of the two countries, unrelated to fuel.

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