Slovenia: Reconnection of NPP Krsko after earthquake

, SEE Energy News

After the automatic shutdown triggered by the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck neighboring Croatia on 29 December, Slovenia’s sole nuclear power plant Krsko was reconnected to the network.

The statement from the plant said that, in accordance with the procedures, it is gradually increasing the power of the plant, which is expected to reach full capacity again in the afternoon of 31 December.

The shutdown is standard procedure in the event of a strong earthquake. First inspections showed that the safety of the plant was not compromised, which was later confirmed with subsequent inspections and testing.

NPP Krsko is owned by GEN Energija and Croatian power utility HEP, where the two companies own equal stakes. NPP Krsko was put in commercial operation in 1983 and it should be in operation until 2023, but both countries are planning to extend plant’s operational life by additional 20 years. The plant provides approximately 40 % of Slovenia’s total electricity output.