Slovenia: Record amount of annual gas consumption reached in 2020

, SEE Energy News

The year 2020 was specific, because most of the year was marked by the coronavirus pandemic, which did not affect the supply of natural gas, which went without any issues. Data released by the Energy Agency on electricity and natural gas consumption over the past year show that natural gas distribution reached 3,621 GWh. Household consumption increased by 1 % while industrial consumption rose by 3.6 %.

The distribution of natural gas in Slovenia last year reached 3,621 GWh, which is 1.9 % more than the year before and the record amount so far. The Association of natural gas distributors assessed this as a good result, but above all encouraging for the environment, because the gas network has the lowest carbon footprint.

In Slovenia, distribution through the distribution gas pipeline network takes place in 82 municipalities, where more than 136,000 customers are already supplied with natural gas, of which 1,328 have connected to distribution systems in 2020. Distribution system operators built 59.3 kilometers of new pipelines last year, increasing the total length of the distribution network by 1.6 % to 4,953 kilometers at the end of the year.

According to the association, there will be major changes in the field of natural gas supply in the coming period. Renewable gases will be added to the gas network in just a few years. In the distribution of natural gas it will probably be first biomethane, which is already applied in developed western countries.