Slovenia: Reduced fuel prices-lowest in 11 years

, SEE Energy News

Namely, the Government reduced the excise duties levied by the state on fuel, which form a significant part of the final retail price. Thus, the prices have fallen to lowest levels in the past 11 years. Retail fuel prices in Slovenia were reduced once again, reaching the level of 1.029 euros/liter for petrol and 1.017 euros/liter for diesel.

The fall in oil prices on the international market has recently contributed to the reduction in fuel prices, followed by reduced demand due to the pandemic of the coronavirus and the shutdown of businesses, as well as restrictions on passenger traffic.

However, these low prices in Slovenia refer only to petrol stations outside the network of motorways and state roads, since prices at the stations along motorways and state roads remain unregulated and are set by the owners themselves.

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