Slovenia, Holding company SDH has injected 300 million euros in the capital of state-owned electricity producer HSE

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Slovenian sovereign holding company SDH has injected 300 million euros in the capital of state- owned electricity producer HSE in order to allow the company to bridge the liquidity deficit.

The statement from HSE said that SDH intends to carry out an additional capital injection of 192 million euros into the company on 15 December, which is subject to approval by the Government. The capital injection will enable the company to independently and efficiently manage its own electricity production even in times of energy crisis and extremely increased requirements for financial coverage, and thus to ensure a competitive supply of electricity.

HSE faced a 460 million euros damage in 2022 due to the 36 % lower production of its hydropower plants caused by poor hydrology, the temporary shutdown of Unit 6 of coal-fired thermal power plant Sostanj and the increased import of electricity at high prices.

The company also said that, due to the considerable indebtedness of the HSE Group, which has been dragging on ever since the construction of unit 6 of TPP Sostanj, and the tough market conditions, despite the already approved state guarantee in the amount of 800 million euros, it has so far managed to obtain only 185 million euros loans from commercial banks.