Slovenia, Slightly lower production of NPP Krsko in 2022

, SEE Energy News

Slovenia’s sole nuclear power plant Krsko operated stably this year as well, and its production is expected to be about 2 % lower than the planned 5.4 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, while next year it is expected to produce more than 6 billion kWh.

This year will be remembered for the enormous increase in energy prices, energy shortages, high summer temperatures and the worst hydrology in history, which also affected the availability of electricity production resources and the operation of energy networks, which were operating at the limit of reliability. Despite this, NPP Krsko operated stably and at full capacity, thus confirming its important role in the reliable supply of electricity to consumers and preserving the sustainability of prices for consumers.

Between 1 October and 7 November, NPP Krsko underwent regular overhaul. For the seventh time in its operational life, the nuclear power plant worked continuously from overhaul to overhaul, which was 513 days in the 32nd fuel cycle, which ended on 30 September. Among the planned modernizations in the coming years, the replacement of exchangers for cooling components and the modernization of radiological monitors and the technical protection system of the power plant stand out.

NPP Krsko is now technologically ready for long- term operation until 2043. In the process of environmental impact assessment for obtaining environmental approval for the extension of the operation of the power plant until 2043, which is led by the Ministry of Environment, the plant completed all the necessary legal steps.

In accordance with Slovenian legislation, in 2023, NPP Krsko will complete the third periodic safety inspection, with which the Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration checks whether the power plant is capable of operating safely for the next ten years.