Slovenia: TES 6 back in operation

, SEE Energy News

Slovenian HSE, a company which operates thermal power plant Sostanj (TES), announced that unit 6 of the plant was successfully put back online following the maintenance carried out between 23 April and 6 May.

The maintenance works included inspections of the equipment, cleaning of the flue gas and ventilation system of the air heater and the remaining warranty-related interventions. During the shut-down of unit 6, TPP Sostanj unit 5 generated electricity for the needs of Slovenian consumers.
In 2018, unit 6 produced a total of 2,865,901 MWh of electricity, which is 0.47 % more than planned. It operated for 270 days. It was offline for 83 days due to scheduled maintenance works and for an additional 12 days because of extraordinary events. TES 6 produced 33.5 % of total Slovenia‘s electricity in 2018.