Slovenia, The future prime minister promises decarbonization, nuclear energy and a ban on gas connections

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Until recently, the long-term President of the Management Board of the Slovenian energy supplier GEN-I, Robert Golob, with the Freedom Movement, founded only three months ago, won the prime minister’s mandate and 41 of the 90 seats in parliament.

Golob is an associate professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana. Two decades ago, he was the state secretary for energy, and in 2002 he founded the company in Strela-G, from which GEN-I was born, a company for trade and supply of gas and electricity. Today, it is part of the state Gen energija, and Golob was its head for 16 years.

In the election campaign, Golob stated that solutions in the energy sector should not be sought only within Slovenia, but in the entire Alps-Adriatic region. The energy system must no longer rely on natural gas or LNG, but on renewable energy sources, as well as on new nuclear energy production technologies.

Not much gas

Emphasis is placed on a fair energy transition for residents but also coal-dependent areas (TPP Šoštanj, Velenje). The movement has promised to enable the use of state land that is suitable for renewable sources and is close to energy infrastructure.

The profits of state-owned energy companies should be reinvested in renewable sources, and Golob intends to abolish the obligation to connect new buildings to natural gas, because the emphasis is on the decarbonization of district heating.

The program also states that the possibility of introducing small modular reactors will be analyzed. The movement is also advocating for the maximum extension of the working life of the Krško nuclear power plant.

The movement is committed to encouraging electromobility, relieving freight traffic and increasing the use of railways.

In May last year, Golob presented ambitious plans for the development of GEN-I, with massive investments in photovoltaic energy.


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