Slovenia: TPP Brestanica’s gas unit to start trial operation

, SEE Energy News

Thermal power plant Brestanica is very important for Slovenian energy system because it provides tertiary reserve. Last week, the first launch of newly installed gas turbines at thermal power plant Brestanica was successfully completed.

This also marks the start of trial operation of the gas-fired unit 7 at the plant, which, together with unit 6 launched in 2018, is replacing the old gas units 1-3 commissioned in 1974.

At the end of December, cold tests were completed, which included, among other things, control of installed equipment, setting of appropriate parameters, signaling tests and control of electrical and mechanical connections. In this set, internal technical and commission inspections of individual technological systems were also performed after the completion of the installation or before the start of placing the equipment under voltage and pressure. All required certificates on installed equipment and safety of installed equipment, statements and other documentation were also obtained.

The first milestone in the project was the supply of a gas turbine and generator in May 2020. The installation of the equipment was carried out in the summer months and was completed in September. The second milestone was the successful first ignition or first rotation of the turbine. The next important milestone will be the first synchronization of the gas generator with the electricity network and the first produced kWh of electricity, which is planned for the end of January. Then, operability tests will be started, which will confirm the requirements from the consent for connection to the electricity network. The technical inspection, trial operation and obtaining a use permit are expected to follow in the first quarter of this year.