Slovenia: TPP Trbovlje stable operations and power generations, the report

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The largest energy facility in the Zasavje Trbovlje power station (TET), which employs 193 people and produces six percent of electricity in Slovenia, earned the 45.9 MEUR profit by sale last year, announces Franc Blaznek, director of TET.

It generates more than 600 giga-watt hours of electricity per year on average, and production will be decreased this year. This is related to the termination of the coal mining in Trbovlje-Hrastnik which supplies TET with coal.
Their biggest developmental projects are the ecological renewal of the fourth block and the construction of gas-steam power plant in order to increase output to 15 percent of electricity in the country.

Owners must choose the type of fourth block’ renewal

Permission for ecological renovation of the fourth block was issued in November last year. This license enables replacement of the boiler pressure, what would provide a renewed 30-year operation boiler, as well as a few other technical issues, and 14 percent of wood biomass use. The estimated value of such ecological renewal block is 72.3 million EUR approximately at normal prices, Blaznek points.
Strongly affected by the law to restore public finances

ZUJF which provides appropriations for mine closure in 2012-2015 decreased by two-thirds, or 44 million EUR while their obligations under the Act for the gradual closing RTH development and restructuring of the region (ZPZRTH) remained the same. Therefore, last year had significantly lower wages and a number of austerity measures will continue this year.

The number of employees is decreased by 78 last year, and by 55 this year. However, since this is the country ZUJF significantly scaled down money for closing and resolving social issues at the termination of mining operations, the number of employees decreased by 87 last year and 162 more employees this year. There were 282 employees at the end of last year it will be only 120 at the end of this year.
Selling companies in the group RTH

ZUJF has provided five million EUR for ecologically degraded land reform this year. Program activities are planned to be related to redundancies and drastic effects to 12.5 million on other measures. On contrary, Tomažin predicts that this will be replaced by other sources, including the sale of group companies of RTH. Fortuna-Pil, a social protection enterprise, clean and green program within which offer ecological regeneration and establishment of appropriate agricultural and forest land, is for sale.

Stimulating the renewal of the fourth block TET and work of the mine Brnica

The money will be spent on ZPZRTH closing jam, ecological and spatial land reform, human resources and social program. “We believe that state will support the renewal of the fourth block TET and the work of the mine Brnica, where the potential for continued mining tradition will get there this year with hundreds of workers from RTH,” says Tomažin. He adds that they have prepared all the bases needed for decision-making, and that Zasavje will continue to make energy as soon as he wants and expects to.

Source;Serbia Energy See desk