South Stream project in Serbia, key stakeholders jointly concludes that project is not endangered with deadlines, the report

11. April 2013. / News Serbia Energy

There are no giving up on plans about the projected capacity of South Stream- it is messaged from Gasprom, Srbijagas and Government, Serbian medias reports jointly.

As media reports, the construction of South Stream will begin in January 2014, the end is planned for 2016. It will work as a pipeline under pressure of 16 bars. The part through Serbia will cost around billion and 700 million EUR.

Public speculates about South Stream for days- from the subject that construction is delayed to the subject that Serbia won’t be transit country. The South Stream construction is not being hindered by anyone and preparations are in progress- it is said from the Government and Srbijagas. Gasprom confirms that everything is in accordance with plan, also.

Gasprom does not give up on plan. South Stream is being constructed so that Russian gas can be directly delivered to South East Europe countries including Serbia.

“According to the Action Plan which is signed, the beginning of construction is planned for January 2014. Project South Stream is on the right way. The completion of construction and delivery launching are planned for 2016 in Serbia”, it is said in Gasprom.

It is messaged from Serbian Government that they had given all guaranties to Srbijagas.

Energy Minister, Zorana Mihajlovic says that the law for South Stream i.e. for land expropriation was adopted in the Parliament.

“The rulebook for pipeline construction of 16 bars necessary for pipeline projection was also adopted. The money for expropriation beginning is provided in the budget for 2013”, Mihajlovic says.

About 4.000 of parcels for expropriation were already visited- it is said in Srbijagas which delivered ideological project on Wednesday and it prepares tenders at the moment. Construction of the first compressor station is planned for the end of the year.

Managing Director of Srbijagas, Dusan Bajatovic, says that there was no postponing of the work.

“On contrary, South Stream is in accordance with the agreement made with Gasprom, the plan is going exactly as it had been planned. Proclaimed date from 20th December last year should be symbolic story which supposed to explain that South Stream will be constructed in Serbia and there will be no problem”, Bajatovic stressed.

The part of pipeline in our country costs around billion and 700 million EUR. Next to gas transit incomes, the meaningful income is also expected from electricity production from gas facilities. 4 of them were planned and it’s worrying that there is still no project.

Source;Serbia Energy/Agencies


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