“Srbija nikl” continues its mining research, what about the new rules from the state?

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Company “Srbija nikl” will continue nickel research in Vrsnjacka Banja, Trstenik and Topola municipalities, the representative of the company Dragoslav Bozovic declared.

“We have solutions that we got from the competent ministry and we insist on continuation of work with them”, Bozovic said to journalists after presentation the draft of the new law for mining and geological research.

As he reminded that company had got permissions for nickel research for two locations- area between Vrnjacka Banja municipality and Trstenik and Topola municipality, he added that “Srbija nikl” submitted a demand for permissions and research on Mokra Gora territory and that it still waits for an answer from Ministry of Mining.

Bozovic stressed that the new draft of the law foe mining and geological research takes away power from local self-governments that were against nickel research on their territories. It also disables termination of research labor without an announcement or expert argumentation, Bozovic added.

Bozovic had the biggest complain on article 11 with reference to the draft of the law. This article involves state in all mineral research that is determined as strategic.

“The way we are going to define it is unclear. Investors insist on being precise and to know what is going to be invested in advance”, Bozovic said.

He said that 5 year limitation of the period for exploitation of raw materials is being problematic because some exploitation can last for decades. Investors want to have right on longer exploitation period, because they invested huge assets in it previously, Bozovic stated.

Source Serbia Energy/Agencies