Srbijagas, Jugorosgas and Gazprom, the Serbian gas supply saga

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Director of “Srbijagas” Dusan Bajatovic said that Russian “Gasprombanka” is ready to sell 25% of ownership to “Jugorosgas” Company.

Russian Gasprom is the major owner of “Jugorosgas” with 50% participation. “Srbijagas” has 25% of capital, and “Central ME Energy” from Vienna owns 25%.

Bajatovic announced that he will talk about buyout of “Jugorosgas” part with “Gasprom” representatives during the next visit to Moscow, so partnership between Serbian and Russian side lost in 2005 can restore.

Bajatovic estimated cooperation between Serbia and Russia in energy sector as good one, but he stressed that signing of the long-term contract is necessary.

“The one gas storage (Banatski Dvor) is not enough for us and Serbia needs long-term agreement. This contract will enable flexibility of lower prices gas withdrawal with little bank guaranties”, Bajatovic said.

“He repeated that Serbia will buy Russian gas at lower prices this year. Current price is 480 dollars for a thousand cubic meters of gas and it will be bought for 370 dollars since 2013.

Bajatovic said that his biggest interest is to end these stories, when he was talking about launched financial investigation. He added that reviser will comment how Srbijagas functioned.

Bajatovic said that he doesn’t think that Srbijagas has not confidence in him, but he stressed that he won’t withdraw from the Director’s position in Srbijagas.

“I have done my job well all these years. I arranged Banatski Dvor and South Stream gas storage, I saved 21 company and I don’t want to withdraw, I’ll fight until the end”, Bajatovic underlined.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine