Srbijagas reconstruction involves EBRD into South Stream, high level opposition coming from Gazprom and Russia

22. May 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Reconstruction or reorganization plan for Srbijagas is good for Serbia and for its citizens- Energy Minister, Zorana Mihajlovic, estimated today and added that its adoption is expected soon.

She was asked on press conference to comment some articles about Moscow which has remarks to the reorganization plan, she said that she had seen those articles but she doesn’t want to comment unnamed sources.

Mihajlovic said that she is patient and that she believes Government will adopt this plan soon.

“Serbia needs reformed Srbijagas. There is always only one single plan, and this is governmental plan”, Mihajlovic concluded.

Some media have published texts where they state that it is unacceptable for Moscow to reform this company, which is a Russian guaranty for construction, so drastically.

Like it was mentioned, the biggest problem is that EBRD  will be involved in the whole project with this plan.

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