Syngas Power Generations Solutions SEE

South Pacific Syngas is a specialist manufacturer of Gasification Equipment and Turbines. This division was formed to fill the growing demand for income generation from agricultural and industrial waste.

Our company is expanding its presence into South East Europe region and is able to deliver the best technological solutions to any country in the region.

Given the difficulties and prohibitive costs associated with traditional solutions to this problem we have developed simple expandable solutions to industrial power generation from waste streams.

Development and growth in green technology has created significant demand for our products, and allows for continual product developments and improvements.

Our Range includes a range of products from 500KW to 9MW using a variety of Biomass sources. South Pacific Syngas have made a significant investment in research and development of innovative gasification solutions to provide a range of robust, systematically stable gasification plants, and syngas turbines for use with biomass fuels.

Common Fuel Types

The following is a list of common fuel types used in our systems.

  • Wood Chips
  • Chicken Manure
  • Horse Manure
  • Palm Kernel (EFB)
  • Crushed Sugar Cane Stalk
  • Giant Elephant Grass
  • Cotton Stalk
  • General Biomass

The modular design allows for easy expansion of plants, ensuring reduced expansion and upgrade costs. In addition we offer the following as standard features on all units 500KW and above

  • Full Automation
  • Remote global monitoring and diagnostics service
  • Full multi station control
  • Unparalleled system stability and reliability
  • Dedicated Syngas Turbines designed specifically to operate on Syngas.
  • Multiple fuel options
  • Customized design, and implementation on a project basis.
  • Field support and local service centres.

For more details on our products and contacts please download the short PDF