Tent power plants, unit B1 overhaul project status update

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Overhaul activities regarding revitalization of Unit B1, during the past 60 days (started on 10 May) have been carried out according to the time schedule. Delivery of equipment and parts accompanies, for now, the dynamics of works on the facility. These days, on this year’s biggest construction site at CE ??N? around 800 people are engaged.

This is the conclusion from today’s, so far the second, periodical meeting of the main contractors and management of the project of revitalization TENT B1.

Zoran Stojanovic, director of TENT B and manager of this project, presented the overview of performed activities, with the percentage of their readiness, as well as the tasks ahead of this month. According to him, 30 per cent of works on turbo aggregate (lot 1) have been executed. During June, there is a pending delivery and the beginning of mounting of low pressure turbine blades. Also, the works begin on the replacement of rotor blades of medium-pressure turbine, which was transported to