TENT TPP faces delays in investment cycle, says TENT MD

25. March 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Due to extremely difficult financial situation in EPS, all planned projects will been implemented by 2017. – In this year, the revitalization of the TPPNT B2 and preparations for the desulfurization project are partially continued.  – For the execution of the production plan in 2013, the quality staff and the systems safety are the guarantee.

Originally, great funds were planned. However, now, it turned out that they were not sufficient, so that the most of the planned activities will be postponed. Some of them are postponed for a year, and some for two, even three years. EPS doesn’t have that amount of money optimally necessary for the improvement and development of TPPNT. With the Department for Strategy and Investment, we daily work on making changes to the plan, and  on what we should postpone and for how long. We hope that this new plan will be very soon uncovered said Mr.Ponoćko, and explained that giving up is out of the question, but due to circumstances, they are to be postponed for better times.

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