TGI organizes 2nd SEE region CFO Vivaldi Summer Forum

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TGI Group International, along with Mokrogorska school of management, organizes 2nd CFO Vivaldi Summer Forum, a two day conference in between 19th – 21st of June in Mokra Gora, Republic of Serbia.

For the second time, forum will gather all CFOs, economists from the region, government representatives and business leaders. They will present their insights related to current financial sector’s complex role in region and talk about further possibilities and questions that are about to arise in the near future.

In addition to group discussions and workshops, this year’s Forum offers analytical platform for discussions related to the most important questions that CFOs in the region are faced with. The Forum hopes to provide answers to those questions, so that CFOs can meet company’s goals and be able to successfully keep up the business in ever changing environment.

The biggest regional Forum of financial leaders and economy experts has a goal to focus regional economy on financial questions and questions related to the recovery of regional economy. The organizors expect that presentation of winning strategies for success on Serbian market given by CFOs of leading international companies that are active in Serbia, experts opinions on law and tax system as key factor in creating sustainable and predictable environment for business, aspects between banking and real sector, and many others dedicated and expert topics that will be considered during this two day Forum, will significantly contribute clearer perceiving trends and more efficient achievement of business goals.

Along with the CFOs, the highest executive representatives in economy and financies, representatives of regulatory organs, representatives of the most significant international institutions, companies and banks will also speak on the Forum. CFOs of prominent Serbian and international companies will participate in several panel discussions created and related to current financial problems.

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