The 2013 plans of TPP Nikola Tesla in a tight financial framework

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Previously planned Scope of Works for the year 2013 in the company Thermal Power Plant “Nikola Tesla” (TPP NT) in Obrenovac will not only differ from the earlier determined activities in 2011, when the activities mosaic for the EPS time schedule relating to the period from 2012 to 2017 was composed, but will also have to fit into the narrow financial frame projected by EPS for the next year.

After an exhausting period of power units’ utilization without their proper maintenance, TPP NT since 2000 has been in a comprehensive investment cycle since, which in the first phase was dedicated to the revitalization of facilities, increasing the reliability of their performance towards achieving their nominal performance. That was followed by an intensive investment program on improving the environment, increasing efficiency and capacity of the power units that resulted in increased amount of electricity being delivered to the Serbia power system. All of this was supported by the donations that EU delegation granted to Serbia, in addition to the own funds of EPS and favorable loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the German KfW Bank…

– At this point TPP NT is about in the middle of the last stage of the investment cycle, and there are still a lot of things to finish – said Mr. Milan Petković, the director for Systems Improvement in TPP NT. – In August 2011, at the request of EPS and for the purpose of drafting and developing the EPS plan for the period from 2012 to 2017,  the Company TPP NT submitted its view of measures and activities to improve production, energy efficiency and reported costs of maintenance and general overhauls, as well as environmental protection development program with planned funding sources. While one can say that the implementation of the action plan for 2012 has been fully implemented, the plan for 2013 needed to be significantly adjusted.

In 2013, according to him, the plan 2012 – 2017 envisages significant operations within the second phase of the power unit B2 rehabilitation. These tasks include the unit metering and control system replacement, which is to be financed partly by donations from the governments of Switzerland, and the planned replacement of the boiler evaporation section between 72th and 118th meters with the installation of the new “ECO”, which would allow a significant increase in the efficiency and power of the unit. Major works were also envisaged to be performed at the turbine driven set, and they include replacement of the internal medium pressure turbine casing, part replacement of rotor blades in the middle and low pressure turbine.

– Unfortunately, from all these planned activities on the unit B2, it is only certain at the moment that the work will be carried out on the measurement and control system, and that will not include replacing the high pressure bypass and the generator circuit breaker – Mr. Petković said. – Needed funds for the full implementation of this program on the power unit B2 are about RSD 5.5 billion (about €48,000,000), and EPS is committed to find the best option to fully realize the scope of the planned activities.

Mr. Petković added that according to long-term plans for 2013 major tasks shall be performed in the TPP “Morava”, but due to the financial situation they have to be postponed until EPS in its development strategy definitely determines the perspective of this unit. Due to problems on the pipe system of the unit A5 boiler at TPP “Kolubara” detected in the last two years of operation, it was scheduled to perform a complete replacement of the lower part of the evaporator including the section around the burner, in order to increase the reliability of this unit to 110 MW. However, it seems now that this action will have to be postponed.

– Significant financial resources are allocated for pre-financing the planned activities in 2013 in connection with the rehabilitation of the unit A3 of TPP NT that is planned for 2014. Above all, it refers to the turbine works for which a contract was concluded with “Alstom”, as well as to the reconstruction of the electrical filter plant financed by European donation. Currently it is attempted to adapt the dynamics of funding provided under the “Alstom” contract with the available opportunities of EPS, so to make sure the planned works can be realized in 2014 – said Petković.

The future plan of the EU Delegation for the Republic of Serbia also envisages financing of the reconstruction works on the electrical filter plants at the unit 3 of TPP NT A and TPP “Morava”. Confirmation of EPS about these jobs schedule is awaited and the tender documentation is being prepared in the meantime.

When it comes to projects for waste water treatment in the units of TPP “Nikola Tesla”, ongoing activities in the TPP NT B include the evaluation of tenders for the performing these tasks, preparation of technical background for TENT A, and also preparation of the required documents for calls for tenders to select contractors. Both these projects are financed by the funds from the European delegation with the participation of EPS.

– All the previous activities with the aim of improving the power units reliability, increasing the capacity and energy efficiency, as well as improving the environment, yielded significant and measurable effects on all aspects – pointed Milan Petković and concluded that it would be highly desirable to find financial possibilities to help this investment cycle continue so as to maintain its positive trend.

Desulfurization according to the plan

What is certain to be done in 2013 is to continue with building the plants under the project for flue gas desulphurization in the units (A3 – A6) of TPP NT, which is carried out with the credit support of the Japanese Government. The combined team made up of representatives of EPS, the TPP NT and the Japanese consulting company TEPSCO is working on the preparation of prequalification and qualification documents and the preparation of documents for tendering.

– It is expected that the work will be completed in the first half of the year 2013. After that a tender will be announced for the main supplier of the equipment and works on this project as well as for the selection of the contractor. The commencement of the contracted works is scheduled for 2014 – said Petković.

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