The 55th session of the meeting of MB “Kolubara” – report

14. August 2013. / Mining

Change in the status of the company “Kolubara Metal” Coal and overburden production plus over fulfilled by four percent A

The decision concerning the change of the “Kolubara Metal” d.o.o status due to its reuniting with the founder, MB “Kolubara”, was adopted unanimously at the 55th session of MB “Kolubara” that was held on 15th July in Lazarevac.

The adoption of the decision by the Meeting of “Kolubara” ensued after the Meeting of “Kolubara Metal”,at its 49th session held on the same day, adopted a final decision on the reunion. By this, the technical conditions were fulfilled so that the process, which started in late April when the initiative was adopted, could enter the final stage.

Also at the session, the Report on Operations of “Kolubara Metal” and Independent Auditor’s Report on the company financial statements for the year 2012 were adopted. Furthermore, the funds were approved for purchasing lunch packages for the employees in relation with the upcoming celebration of the Day of Miners – St. Procopius.


Erection of the new BWE at the open pit mine “Tamnava West Field”

Crowded summer schedule

A delay of three-and-a-half months in the preparation of the documentation by the company “Krupp”, also shifted the deadline for BWE completion. At the moment, out of 1,250 tons of structures that are scheduled to be manufactured and erected by “Metal“,370 tons could be seen on the erection yard of Kalenić.

A 118 tons weighing turntable that was built for several months by workers of “Kolubara Metal“ as a part of the BWE that shall be operating within the overburden system of OPM “Tamnava West Field“, has been transported from Vreoci to the mine erection yard.

For “Metal“, it meant a lot knowing that another job of MB “Kolubara“ and EPS was heading at good direction. According to the project manager Mr. Zoran Božić, the turntable, which consisted of three main parts, was to be transported to a destination that is 14 km away by special trucks. The transport was escorted by the traffic police as the cargo was over sized. By the end of August, workers from “Metal” will resume the erection activities on the platform, which shall include the platform lifting and installing onto the excavator substructure.

The project manager Mr. Zoran Božić explained:

– We have received from “Krupp” the drawings related to the first section of the tower and complete counterweight boom and bucket wheel boom a three and a half months after the agreed deadlines. This initial delay has turned to be the only one so far, and providing that we keep observing the deadlines for erection of the machine parts, the entire excavator completion will be postponed accordingly. By now, we have contracted 900 tons of intermediates in the form of steel structures, which is worth EUR 1.7 million.

Mr. Božić further elaborates that 370 tons of structures, including the turntable, has been completed and delivered to the erection yard. It is also planned for the last decade of July to deliver more items, out of which one will be an oversize cargo. According to the plan, the excavator undercarriage shall be mounted onto the frames and bogies at late July.

Once completed and delivered, the BWE of total weight 1,650 tons shall be operating within OPM “Tamnava – West Field”. The machine transport to the operation area is scheduled for mid-March of the next year, and the functional tests are planned to be finished by the end of April, so the machine can be welcomed by employees of OPM “Tamnava- West Field” in May of 2014.

M. Dimitrijević

Source; RBK

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