The beginning of the construction of “South Stream” on time in Serbia

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The construction of compressor stations is planned for this year, and setting the pipes over Serbia is planned for the next year.
Enforcement of special law for “South Stream” makes conditions for collecting required licenses and construction of this main pipeline through Serbia where 1,7 billion EUR will be invested in- Vojislav Vuletic, President of Serbian Gas Association, said.

This law determines special rules for full land expropriation on the pipeline track which includes around 10.000 parcels and Industrial Company “South Stream”- Novi Sad is the user of expropriation.

This is joint company of “Srbijagas” which owns 49% of property and “Gasprom” that owns 51% of stocks.

-This law disables blackmailing the state and “Srbijagas” by those who own the land where pipeline goes through determining the price of land as they will, like it is in “Corridor 10” case. Everything is regulated by the law- Vuletic explained.

When he was asked if the construction of “South Stream” is postponed for January 2014, Vuletic says that is not the postponing.

-When the construction was announced it was said that compressor stations’ construction will begin in this year while construction of pipes will be next year, according to the former plan- Vuletic explained.

“South Stream” starts in Novorosijsk in Russia below Black Sea and it goes over Bulgaria to Serbia. Considering that construction in Russia began in December last year and it goes pipe by pipe, the time is required for pipeline to come to Serbia. Next year is realistic, Vuletic said.

105 million EUR was provided for pipeline construction in this year and the rest will be covered with credits. 24 million EUR was intended for owners of parcels that suppose to be expropriated. The buyout of “South Stream” pipeline land of 8.000 ha will be paid from this amount.

According to Dusan Bajatovic’s words, the employers in this company are already visiting the parcels’ owners. 4.000 of them have already accepted to sell their land to the state. Construction permission has not been issued yet, but the seal is being expected soon- Bajatovic announced. The length of this main pipeline through Serbia will be around 415 km.

Source Politika/Serbia Energy