The case of charges of Slovenia power company against Republika Srpska Ugljevik TPP

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Outcome of the charge of Elektroprivreda Slovenije against the Republika Srpska mine and TPP Ugljevik, where it asks for compensation of more than a billion and 400 million KM(200MEUR), is still uncertain.

It is concluded in recent information about significant events and actions which have influence on future business of Ugljevik, which is in the name of this eminent published on Banjaluka’s berza.

We remind that District Industry Court in Bijeljina is declared as responsible in this legal action, abolished all actions and rejected a charge.

Prosecutor “Elektrogospodarstvo Slovenije razvoj i inzenjering d.o.o” (EGS) submitted an appeal against this solution which was rejected by High Industry Court and confirmed a solution of District Industry Court in Bijeljina since 14 March 2013.

“The solution of High Industry Court Banjaluka was delivered to defendant today from a lawyer. Further outcome of dispute is uncertain”, it is written in the information from “Ugljevik”.

Slovenians put charges against the mine and TPP Ugljevik because of debt payment and electricity delivery.

Slovenian Company has précised earlier that it asks for 826.523.511 KM in the name of assets invested in the construction of mine and TPP Ugljevik, 523.920.459 KM in the name of compensation for management with united assets, 65.950.700 KM in the name of compensation for undelivered electricity since 1 January 2005 until 30 September 2008, all this together with the default interest since 1 October 2008.

Original prosecution request was 66,8 million KM but addition to the charge was submitted in January last year. Slovenacka Elektroprivreda asks for about a billion and 400 million KM of compensation to mine and TPP “Ugljevik”.

Source;Serbia Energy See desk/Nezavisne/Agencies