The clock is ticking away, lessons for the mining textbooks

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Particular undertakings in the mines, due to their complexity, engineering skills and experience, represent examples of taking maximum care of the mining equipment rate of utilization

It has not been recorded earlier that so many complex mining works were performed as in the first half of this year , in order to secure the existing production and to take new positions in the lignite excavation in the four open pit mines of “Kolubara” covering about 100 square kilometers.

In very hard working conditions, owing to great knowledge and engineering experience in different areas of expertise, the transport of a part of mining equipment from various location of the mine “Field D” has been completed and the exploitation in the zone of Vreoci cemetery, with coal reserves estimated at 55 million tons of coal, has started. Experts point out that this venture could enter the mining textbooks, since many successively related technical procedures had to be conducted and everything “tied up” in a single technological entirety, so that this part of the mine could begin its new life.

And,while this process of “moving the mining equipment” has been running in the Field “D”, in the other part of the Kolubara coal basin, next to Ibar main road, the bucket wheel excavator “Glodar 1”, a metal colossus, from the mine “Veliki Crljeni” was moved to the OPM “Tamnava West Field”. The other parts of the equipment were fortunately, with a lot of efforts and skills transported to the new destination and a new “working place”. This was another example of a high level of skill in mechanical and mining engineering, since the slightest mistake in the static engineering or some technical detail could have led to the mining equipment breakdown.

With slightly different deadlines, in four open pit mines, Field “B”, Field “D”, “Tamnava West field” and “Veliki Crljeni” , the overhauls have been successfully completed by relying on our own resources and by engaging “Kolubara Metal” that proved once again to be an inevitable factor of securing mining reliability and energy security of “Kolubara”. The thing is not just about routine elimination offaults and preparation of machines for operation in winter conditions, but also about some technical improvements made to particular obsolete design solutions by introducing some technical innovations. On “Glodar 7” bucket wheel excavator, better known among miners as the “Blue bird”, for example the system of so-called BW frequency regulation has been installed, thus improving the operation of this vital part on the bucket wheel excavator.

In the evaluation of the state of overhauls, it should be pointed out that the overhaul of the plant for processing and enrichment of coal has been successfully completed in a number of operational units in Vreoci, as well as the overhaul of the industrial railway for coal transport.

Parallel with the maintenance and overhauls of the existing mining equipment, the procurement of a new coal and overburden system is being intensively worked on.

Very encouraging is the fact that a part of equipment for the new excavator has been successfully transported, i.e. the slewing platform, weighing 118 tons, made by “Metal”, was delivered to the erection yard in OPM “Tamnava”. If everything goes according to the plan, we should expect for the new excavator, weighing 1,650 t, contracted with German company “Krupp”, to be erected at latest until the first half of the next year, when, depending on the need, it may be put into operation.

In late July, a new investment group was formed and based in Ub, from where they shall manage the development of the new mine. The mine will be opened step by step, in three phases, depending on the requirements of the existing thermal power capacities and development of future capacities, thus fulfilling the main role of being a replacement capacity of the mine “Veliki Crljeni” that will finish exploitation of coal by the end of 2015.

Looking back at the previous mining activities, it is inevitable to mention that successful over-plan production of coal has continued, in which manner MB “Kolubara” provides continuous energy reliability of thermal power capacities within “Electric power industry of Serbia”, giving its contribution to the entire State economic development.

Source; RBK