The construction of “South Stream” gas pipeline in Serbia stars in January 2014, advantage to local contractors

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The construction of “South Stream” gas pipeline starts in January 2014, while tenders for work contractors are being expected in the last quarter of this year, the Chief of Project Sector in Gasprom, Leonid Cugunov said.

He states that selection of work contractors and material and equipment suppliers will be announced with competition in accordance with Serbian laws and predicted subjects from the agreement that Serbia and Russia signed in 2008.

“If all criterions are equally fulfilled, the advantage will be given to the companies that comes from one of the agreement signatory countries”, Cugunov stated, who is in the charge of engineering and construction activities coordination within the project “South Stream.

Ministry o energy in Serbia said that this construction works can be launched in the beginning of construction season with reference to compressor stations that are expected in Serbia since 2012.

Application of the law for “South Stream” that predicts rules for land expropriation will accelerate the preparation of terrain for pipelines and other required equipment setting, it was estimated in the Ministry.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine