The construction of “South Stream” through Serbia begins at the end of 2013

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“Srbijagas” announced that it will together with “Gasprom” put maximal effort to make the pipeline for Russian gas “South Stream” construction begin in the last quarter of the year.

Preparation of “South Stream” project realization is estimated to go dynamically as it was planned on the meeting of Managing Director of Public Company “Srbijagas”, Dusan Bjatovic, and Director of the “Gasprom” Sector for Project Directing, Leonid Chugunov.

This year’s requirements of the company “Juzni Tok Srbija” which is in charge of this project were reconsidered on the meeting in Novi Sad- it is stated in “Srbijagas” announcement.

The Serbian Parliament has passed the law, which accelerates land expropriation and licenses issuance for the construction of this international pipeline, on 19 February.

The construction of this pipeline that supposes to cost 16 billion EUR started in December 2012 in Russia and the pipeline should be launched at the end of 2015.

The part that goes through Serbia is 400 km long and the construction will cost 1,7 billion EUR. This part of the project will be realized by “Gasprom” and “Srbijagas” within joint company “Juzni Tok Srbija”, whose 51% percent is in Russian ownership and 49 in Serbian ownership.

Source Serbia Energy/Agencies