The electricity is getting more expensive in the Balkan markets, price reform ahead

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The closure of nuclear reactors has automatically caused the increase in electricity price in international market, and the droughts also have negative effect on prices in Europe-unprecedented in the last 60 years. In this region, the most expensive is the electricity in Croatia, than in Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hertzegovina, while the cheapest electricity is in Serbia.

New, increased electricity prices (raised by 5,86%, on 9,5 cents/KWh) for citizens of Montenegro, from August 1st, will be at the top in this region, the more expensive electricity is just in Croatia (11 cents/KWh).

KWh of electricity in Slovenia is by 2 cents cheaper than it will be in Montenegro, from August 1st, although the average salary in Slovenia is two times higher than in Montenegro.

The electricity price in BiH depends on entity, but average price is 7,02 cents/KWh. Croatian community in Herceg Bosna, Serbian Republic and BiH (as a whole) have special pricelists.

Cheaper KWh than Montenegro have Macedonia (6,9 cents), and Serbia (5 cents).

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