The Government of Serbia adopted the crisis plan for oil shortages

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The Government of Serbia has adopted a program of measures and a crisis plan to be applied in cases when of energy supply is threatened.


The crisis within this program refers to a situation that has arisen solely from a disruption in the supply chain of the oil and oil derivatives market, according to the Regulation published in the last issue of the Official Gazette.

This program applies to crude oil, motor fuels (unleaded gasoline, gas oil, jet fuel, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), extra light gas oil and combustion oils.

In a crisis situation, the main stakeholder will be the Organization for National Crisis Strategy (NESO), which will serve as a working body for crisis response.

“The central part of NESO will prepare, based on the inputs from participants in the enlarged NESO, a concrete proposal (Action Plan) for responding to a particular crisis; that Action Plan shall be submitted to the Minister, who, if agreed, shall submit it to the Government for adoption, ” it is stated in the plan.

The largest number of members of the NESO Permanent Body is in the part of the Ministry in charge of oil industry, chaired by the State Secretary of the Ministry, and includes representatives from the Republic Directorate for Commodity Reserves, the Republic Bureau of Statistics, the ministry responsible for trade, the ministry responsible for finance and related administrations (tax and customs), the ministry responsible for internal affairs, the ministry responsible for transport and the oil companies operating on the market of the Republic of Serbia.

The enlarged NESO, when needed, includes all other relevant ministries and bodies that, in the event of a crisis, work in coordination with the Ministry and representatives of the oil industry, the Serbian Government Decree states.

All entities in the oil industry have an obligation to immediately report to NESO any disturbance or possible disturbance, whether it be unforeseen events or planned business operations that could potentially negatively affect deliveries of oil and oil derivatives in Serbia.

Oil exploration companies should submit on a yearly basis their production plans and data on the possibility of applying short-term increases in production within 30 days.

It is stated that the consumers should not be burdened when implementing crisis measures.





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