The meeting ofs director of EPS companies for electricity production; Production is good, savings are big

9. April 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Results of EPS electricity production were very good from 1 January to 19 March this year. 600 million kilowatt-hours more were produced than consumed in total. Circulating HPPs gave to the HPP system 538 million KWH than in the same time last year. TPPs on coal have also been working well. They saved 90 million tons of coal in this period on achieved almost balanced production of electricity.

Vera Stanojevic, Director of Sector for Electricity and Heating Energy Production, stressed this on recent meeting of EPS Direction representatives for energy production with directors of TPPs and mines. Zoran Bozovic, Director of Resources Direction of EPS was the chairman. Vera said that all other expenses of electricity production were also decreased, next to the saving on coal.

She underlined that participation of circulating HPPs in total production score of EPS is further more than 30% since the beginning of the year which also contributed to the decrease of production score of all expenses per kilowatt-hour. Stanojevic stated that circulating HPPs have worked as they had 500-600 MW on horary level more than earlier since the beginning of this month. She also said that there were more cold reservoirs this year than in 2012 and that the engagement of the TPPs was lower but their motion readiness and reliability were bigger.

Nebojsa Sijakovic, the Director of Coal Production Sector, has stressed that good work of “Polje D” in the mine “Kolubara” and that three systems are engaged in the zone of ex Vreocko Groblje are very advantageous. This enables plan execution for “Kolubara” which is fighting more and more with difficulties in “Veliki Crljeni” and old equipment on “Polje B”, despite production records. Production of “Kolubara” factory is on balanced level for this year. According to Sijakovic’s words, “Drmno” pit is having more and more difficulties with defeating the factory because of unresolved dewatering, it doesn’t have appropriate equipment for this big water like it is this year, but coal production is going in accordance with the needs of Kostolac’s plants.

The condition of coal reservoirs on TPP landfills is going well, and all preparations, especially public supplies should be accelerated because these works should begin in the beginning of April- it was concluded at the meeting. It was agreed that elements of EPS Annual Business Plan rebalance from production sector are going to be prepared with help from two directions and industrial companies’ experts, after exposure of Mladen Serventije from Direction for Financial Business.

Nenad Vladic informed meeting participants about use of procedures for security measures and health protection at work and Stoja Vukmanovic talked about necessity for Production Direction and Corporation to include in national estimation of endangerment from disasters and other accidents preparation before the talk about performance of production plans. Ivan Babic, from EPS Direction for public supplies represented some innovations that will be introduced with the future law for public supplies which draft is on public discussion.

Source;Serbia Energy/ EPS

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