The miners of “Kolubara” start the year with overproduction Peak coal output

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The production result is eight percent higher than the planned balance for January. Monthly coal production record of 1,468,019 tons has been achieved in the open pit mine “Tamnava West Field”.

Production systems of the Mining Basin “Kolubara”, because of the need for coal in thermal power plants and as much as possible quantity of coal on stockpiles in case of possible bad weather conditions, have been working at full capacity in January. Favorable weather conditions, great efforts put by workers, good and timely preparation of mines for operation under winter conditions have led to achieving record results in “Kolubara”.

According to information from the Department for the production, in the open pit mines of Mining Basin “Kolubara”, in January 3,054,395 tons of coal were produced, which is a record monthly production. This production result is eight percent higher than the planned balance for January. The average daily production of lignite in January amounted to 98,529 tons.

In OPM Tamnava (“Tamnava – West Field” and “Veliki Crljeni”), a record 1,938,512 tons of lignite were excavated, which is 14 percent more than quantity envisaged by the plan. Maximum daily production in these mines occurred on 23rd January, when 46 trains loaded with coal were transported to the thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla” in Obrenovac.

Miners, who work in OPM “Tamnava – West Field”, with the excavated 1,468,019 tons of coal, achieved a monthly record production and the production more than 20 percent over the plan.

Production of OPM “Veliki Crljeni” amounts to 470,493 tons of lignite, which is two percent lower than planned. The largest overproduction of 32 %, was reported by the Field “D” with excavated 846,853 tons of coal. Due to lack of excavator capacity for uncovering the coal, in the Field  “B”, only 269,030 tons of coal are produced, representing 56 % of the planned quantity. In the open pit mines of MB “Kolubara”, in January, the quantity of 5,697,015 cubic meters of overburden including thin seams of coal were excavated, achieving the overproduction of about six percent.

Source RBK EPS