The six-month production of lignite and overburden in MB “Kolubara”, more than 14 million tons of coal

16. August 2013. / Mining

Plans for coal and overburden production were over fulfilled for more than four percent

Employees in the Mining Basin “Kolubara”, since the beginning of the year, at the four open pit mines, have excavated 14,034,801 million tons of coal, by which the plan was overqualified 4.2 percent.

According to the Office for the Coordination of production, the largest amount of coal has been exploited at the open pit mine “Tamnava-West Field”, where the over fulfillment of the plan by 18 percent was made with exploited 6.5 million tons of coal. It has been exploited 4.18 million tons of coal on the Field “D”, by which the plan was over fulfilled by almost 25 percent.

In June, in MB “Kolubara”, it was exploited 2,044,417 tons of lignite, which represents the fulfillment of nearly five percent. Open pit mine “Tamnava West Field” has produced 1.27 million tons of coal, which is 30 percent more than planned. Than, the Field “D” follows according to the realized production, which is less than 430,000 tons of lignite, and thus it has over fulfilled the plan by nearly 40 percent. With the plan realization of about 65 percent at Field “B”, it has been excavated approximately 160,000 tons, while the open pit mine “Veliki Crljeni” has produced around 175,000 tons or nearly 45 percent of the plan. The average daily production in June was 68,147 tons of lignite.

The sixth-month production of the overburden is 34,669,239 cubic meters, by which the plan is over fulfilled by approximately 4.5 percent. From the beginning of the year, the overburden plan was over fulfilled by “West Field”- it has realized almost 30 percent more than planned with the production of about 16.4 million cubic meters, as well as Field “D”, where, with the production of nearly 12.5 million cubic meters of overburden, the fulfillment of 13.6 percent was realized. With excavated and disposed 4.27 million cubic meters on Field “B”, somewhat less than 60 percent of the plan has been realized, while the employees of the open pit mine “Veliki Crljeni” have excavated 1.5 million cubic meters of solid mass, and thus made the 70 percent of the plan.

In June, the overburden production in MB “Kolubara” was 5.95 million cubic meters, which was more than planned. The highest over fulfillment, of nearly 30 percent, was achieved at “West Field” with 2.98 million cubic meters of overburden. At the Field “D” it has been excavated and deposited 2.2 cubic meters of overburden, which is a few percent less than planned. In June, it was excavated somewhat over 745,000 cubic meters of overburden at the Field “B”, by which the plan was realized with 56.5 percent.

As the employees in Office for Coordination of production explained, the main delays at the sixth-month production level were mainly related to the problems concerning the expropriation and vulcanization. The overhaul activities did not affect the achievement of the results, since they had been planned.The landslide, which set off in late May at the north wing of the Field “D”, did not impact the sixth-month production.

At the open pit mines of “Kolubara”, from 1st to 21st July, it was exploited 1,851.000 tons of coal and 4,247,630 cubic meters of overburden.

The landfills of TPP “Nikola Tesla” are filled with the amounts of coal which are over the 50 percent higher than planned.

М. Karadzic

Monthly and daily records

The highest monthly coal production in the history of “Kolubara’ was at the beginning of the year. In January, four mines excavated 3,054,395 tons of lignite.Tamnava’s mines (“West Field” and “Veliki Crljeni”) have a record of 1,938,512 tons of lignite. The highest daily production at these mines, with 46 coal trains, was achieved on 23rd January.Open pit mine “Tamanva-West Field”, with excavated 1,468,019 tons of lignite, had the monthly record.

Record daily production of an overburden system in MB “Kolubara” was achieved on 3rd July, when the second ECS system of the “West Field” excavated 75,791 cubic meters of overburden.

Source; RBK

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