The value of mining geological surveys in Serbia is 50 MEUR

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The total value of geological research in Serbia in the last year was 50 million Euros, said Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning Zoran Danilovic on Monday.

At the international conference “Mineral resources in Serbia – a driving force of economic development”, he said that the value of the geological survey in 2011 in central Serbia was estimated at about 37 million Euros.

Danilovic emphasized that good research results were achieved last year in the field of lithium, gold, and oil and gas.

According to him, Serbia is one of the countries that are relatively rich in mineral resources, mainly energy – lignite, and out of metals most of the resources are of copper, zinc and lead.

“In Serbia, there are certain amounts of gold, silver and molybdenum. We have a variety of mineral resources, we are among the richer countries of the Balkans” he said.

Danilovic stated that in 2011 a total of 127 approvals for research was given in Serbia, mostly for gold, lithium, boron and copper.

He added that the legislation in Serbia is mostly in line with the European Union, but in some areas it is not good and it did not give good results.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine