There are investors for oil shale exploitation in Serbia

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Minister of Energy, Environmental Development and Protection, Zorana Mihajlovic, stated that there are some interested investors in exploitation of oil shale near Aleksinac, but state must decide what it wants in this area and how it will exploit that resource.

“Government, Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning must decide what we wants in this area”, Mihajlovic said when she was asked if exploitation of oil shale in Aleksinac surroundings is planned.

“The first step is research and precise fact which amount we are dealing with and the other step is how this exploitation will be organizes. Will this be a national company with the mayor or minor participation”, Minister stated and stressed that this step has not been discussed yet.

Exploitation, according to its price, must be observed from the aspect of environmental protection because it has negative influence on environment.

“There are some new technologies, we should see if we can use them. I approve only this and then I will go to exploitation” Mihajlovic said.

When she was asked about the reconstruction of Srbijagas, Mihajlovic repeated that this program will be presented next week in Serbian Government.

Mihajloviceva has emphasized once again that this program should be in interest of consumers and Serbian citizens what considers better service and good price, but she didn’t say anything about program details.

Source;Serbia Energy/MERZ