“Thermal Power Plant Nikola Tesla” at the beginning of 2013, production results of the power gen units, the report

10. April 2013. / News Serbia Energy

The Company “Thermal Power Plant Nikola Tesla” has successfully begun the implementation of its production plans for this year. Maximum availability, high operational readiness and reliability of TPP NT’s Power Units are the main characteristics of the first half of January. For the first fifteen days, 935,536 megawatt-hours of electricity were sent towards PSS (Power System of Serbia), which makes 95,5% of the production plan.

These indicators would be higher if we would take into account retained energy as well. The Director for energy production of the Company TPP NT, Ljubiša Mihailović ,said that in this period there were a lot of repressions, particularly in TPP “Morava”, Power Unit A-2 in TPP K and in TPP NT A Power Unit A-4 . However, TPP “Nikola Tesla” records very high operational readiness, because it has fulfilled the production plan with 102,95 percent. Exactly that proves its high operational readiness and reliability of all six Generating Units. The biggest producer of electricity in PSS delivered a record amount of 37,340 megawatt-hours of electricity on 9th January, 2013, and with it, fulfilled daily production plan with the 114,17 percent.

In addition to the effort and hard work of all employees, it is necessary to meet the specific preconditions in order to achieve such high production performance. – Besides the operational readiness of the facilities, satisfactory coal quality and the possibility for selling the electricity, such a high result is inevitable, stresses Mihailović.

Due to favorable weather conditions, the current operational readiness of TPP NT is such that without one Power Unit of “Morava” and TEK’s A-2, which are out of operation (total power of 140 MW) 70 thousand megawatt-hours could be sent to the PSS( Power System of Serbia) daily, that makes about 60 percent of Serbian electricity. These data show that besides the high operational availability and reliability of the Units as well as associated facilities of TPP NT, revitalize and capital repairs were properly done last year and in the previous years.

Just after completing rehabilitation and trial operation with all necessary investigations that accompany such complex operations, TPP NT Power Units A -5 and B-1 are operating very well.

– Both Power Units are operating very stable with increased power. Although all tests and measurements, and therefore the optimization is not completed yet, we can say that both Power Units operate with higher efficiency than it was guaranteed by certain suppliers of equipment, says Mr. Mihailović.

The Company “Thermal Power Plant Nikola Tesla” is obliged to deliver 19,195 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity to the Power System of Serbia this year, according to the balance of the Company “Power Industry of Serbia”, for which more than 28,8 million tons of coal are required. It is almost identical when compared to the last year’s production plan of TPP NT that was very ambitious, considering the two major capital repairs that lasted for several months. As we heard from our interviewee, mainly standard repairs are envisaged to be performed in TENT this year, with the exception of capital overhaul of the Power Unit B-2 that is going to last for 120 days. Accordingly, it is reasonable to expect that the biggest producer of electricity in the Balkans is going to completely fulfill its obligations towards PSS this year.

Speaking of last year’s production, which is realized with 98,49%, Mihailović believes that with such output, we can be quite satisfied, especially if we add to it the retained energy (hot and cold reserve), with which the production plan would be  implemented with more than hundred percent. Annual production plans were fulfilled by our oldest Branch TPP “Kolubara”, TPP NT Power Unit  B-2, TPP NT Power Unit A-6 and TPP NT Power Unit A-4.

– Although the achievement of the plan in 2012 was close at hand, we can be fully satisfied with such production results, because we must not forget that the Power Units of TPP NT A-5 and B-1 were in the process of revitalization for several months (120 days and 180 days). The scope and complexity of works performed on each Power Unit, and the period of their operation with the lower load because of testing, tuning and optimization of the Plant operation, it partly reflected on the implementation of the annual production plan of the Company TPP NT, concludes Mr. Mihailović.

Source;EPS/Serbia Energy


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