Thermal power plant

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Although both 620MW units worked very well this year it is certain that they will not meet the anticipated annual production plan. The only reason for this is the extension of the capital overhaul of the unit B2 which was done this year- said Zoran Stojanovic, Director of TENT B.

The capital overhaul of the unit two was planned to last 100 days but due to the need and implementation of planned activities and those which were not planned originally it was extended for 21 days.

The planned 100 days should have been sufficient for the implementation of EU grant concerning the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators. Experience with similar work on the unit A6 has shown that for such an activity it was necessary to provide longer overhaul for the unit B2.

Keeping this fact in mind it was decided to extend the overhaul to 120 days thus extending the scope of activities too. There was