Three years of successful operation of the most modern mining system "Drmno", Investments justified by the results

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In Thermal power plants and mines Kostolac company, the jubilee- three years of work of this mining system was marked. Thanks to this system, 35.7 millions of cubic meters of lignite was excavated. Ceremony was attended by the representatives of EPS and Vatenfal, and project managers that were engaged with realization of project related to fifth tailing system.

This is modern system, that significantly improved production in Kostolac plant, says Dragan Markovic, its director. Fifth system is the key driver of significant investment and development projects, that is being realised continuously, both in mining and thermal sector of our company, says Markovic.

Jovanovic stress that eminent European companies such as “Takraf” and “Krupp” are working on this project, as well as numerous local businesses. He thanked everyone who participated in the implementation of this and other projects with which Kostolac will no longer be afraid whether it will have a sufficient amount of coal discovered, and whether a some fails in production plan will affects the dynamics of mining operation.

In following period, we have to increase efficiency (related to discovering and excavating of coal), of all systems on Drmno, not just of 5th system.

Miroslav Ivkovic, Assistant Director of Kostolac for mining made a short presentation about installation of the fifth overburden system and transport of the mining equipment to the job destination, as well as about the inclusion of a new mining system in the manufacturing process. After that, the film