TSO transfers the management of110Kv transformers to DSO level companies

20. May 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Maintenance and management of “110kV substations” is new to workers. – Checking the training of  dispatchers and turbine operation in progress. – The aim is secure and sound operation.

The government of the Republic of Serbia adopted, on the last day of February, the Conclusion on accepting the Report on Necessity of General Takeover, and/or the delivery of the facilities, equipment and plants between EPS and EMS. This act is in accordance with the Law on Energy, which defines the differentiation between management and competence of the operator of transmission system and distribution system. Now, EMS will be entitled to use and manage 110kV transmission lines, and  other infrastructure at this voltage will be handled by EPS in accordance with the Law on Public Property that gives networks the status of public utility.

The company “Elektrosrbija” took over 16 EMS’s “110kV substations”. These are: TS “Trstenik” of 110/35/10 kV voltage level in the branch Krusevac, TS “Arandelovac” 110/35/20/10 kV in the branch Arandjelovac,  TS “Šabac 1” in ED Šabac of 110/35/6 kV voltage, TS “Sjenica” TS “Čačak 1” and TS “Gornji Milanovac” in the branch Čačak, TS “Paraćin 1” and TS “Jagodina 1” in the branch Jagodina, TS “Kraljevo 1” and TS “Raška” in Kraljevo branch , TS “Novi Pazar 1” in Novi Pazar TS branch, “Valjevo 1” and TS “Osečina” in Valjevo branch, TS “Sevojno” and TS “Nova Varoš” in Užice branch and TS “Šabac 2” on 110kV / 35 kV voltage. Takeover is neither a formality nor a procedure, but it brings along the obligation of maintenance and management. This is a large assignment that is new to the workers of  “Elektrosrbija”. The inspection of  training of 59 dispatchers and 63 turbine operators for secure and sound work in all listed “110kV substations”. It is expected soon to sign the Agreement on exploitation of these substations (TS) between “Elektrosrbija” and EMS, so that the competence and the management mode will be determined with precision, and only after the signing of the Maintenance Agreement, the answers to the key questions will be known, and above all: how, when and who will  maintain the facilities.

The company “Elektrosrbija” will employ a number of turbine operators from EMS who have been working in the substations up to now. In this business, nothing should be left to chance, because Articles 27 and 28 of the Law on Safety and Health at Work need to be observed, as well as the relevant provisions of the Rulebook. That is why training is handled by two commissions headed by graduate engineers. The head of one commission is Mr. Dragan Ivanović, the head of Management Department in “Elektrosrbija”,  and the other commission was headed by Branko Jakšić, the director of technical systems of the branch of Šabac.  Their task is to familiarize employees with all sorts of risks and changes in work processes that can cause a change of measures for a safe and healthy work.  In addition, they will be aware of all the risks and specific safety measures in accordance with the Act on the Risk Assessment. Training of staff is done both theoretically and practically.

In mid-April, the Commissions evaluated the training for work in 10 of 16 facilities.- The first results evaluation is more than just good. Members of both commissions are extremely pleased with the professional behavior of dispatchers and turbine operators. In particular, I would like to point out an important group of the EMS workers, the engineers Mićanović Zoran, Zoran Rakicć, Milos Danilović and Ivica Gagić, who with great zeal and commitment have been passing on their extensive knowledge and experience to our employees. Without exaggeration, we can say that everything  learned in this training is of vital importance. It is a dangerous job that is to be done by serious, responsible and skilled people – Mr. Ivanović said.

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