Turkey: Borusan EnBW Energy announce new 1.3 billion eur for RES projects

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Turkish-German RES JV company Borusan EnBW announced new RES projects investments, specifically in wind energy.

Borusan EnBW Energy is planning to invest 1.3 billion EUR to reach its 2,000 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy target by 2020, Executive Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Agah Ugur announced.

“We are maintaining our renewable energy portfolio target to reach 2,000 MW by 2020. And we will invest around 1.3 billion Eur to reach this goal step by step,” Ugur stated in a press conference.

He said that the main mission of the Borusan EnBW Energy is to provide the Turkish economy with renewable energy projects that will contribute to the country’s sustainable development.

Stating that Borusan’s energy portfolio consists of projects and facilities that depend on renewable energy resources, Ugur said “60 percent of our portfolio come from 470 MW of wind energy projects, while 295 MW of our hydroelectric power plant projects constitute 40 percent of our portfolio.”

Borusan EnBW’s Chief Techology Officer Hans-Josef Zimmer noted that Turkey’s demand for electricity is projected to increase significantly through 2023.

Stating that new investments are made with Borusan’s partners to meet the country’s rising energy needs through renewable sources, Zimmer said Borusan EnBW Energy’s momentum and success will play vital roles in Turkish economy growing stronger.

The chief technology officer emphasized that many countries in the world, including Turkey, are turning towards clean energy resources.

“Wind power is an environmentally friendly energy source. It does not pollute the nature nor have carbon emmission. Our company is doing the best it can in this respect,” Zimmer said.

Borusan EnBW’s General Manager Mehmet Acarla said the wind energy projects of the company will be completed soon. “When our wind energy power plant projects will be completed, the company’s total installed capacity for wind energy will reach 332 MW,” he stated.

The company has wind energy power plant projects in Harmanlik (Bursa), Koru (Canakkale), Mut (Mersin) that have 52,8 MW of installed capacity each, in Bandirma (Balikesir) that has 60 MW of installed capacity and in Balabanli (Tekirdag) that has 50,6 MW of installed capacity.

The company’s hydroelectric power plant in Yedigol (Erzurum) has 50,3 MW of installed capacity.

Meanwhile, Fuatres wind power plant will be located in Izmir with 33 MW of installed capacity. , transmits Serbia-energy.eu

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