Turkey: Statistical indicators on the electricity market in May

, SEE Energy News

Total consumption in Turkey during May reached 21,142,946 MWh, while production was 20,896,086 MWh.

Import amounted to 428,519 MWh and export 181,650 MWh. Electricity production in thermal facilities during May was 12,904,896 MWh and 11,306,505 MWh in April.

Electricity production from hydropower has reached 7,812,206 MWh in April and 7,025,564 MWh in May.

During May it was produced 731,432 MWh from wind energy and 862,371 MWh in the previous month. From geothermal sources it was determined production of 234,195 MWh. Realized deliveries of natural gas from 6,825,072 MWh. From the coal is produced 5,544,802 MWh of electricity. The total production of independent producers amounted to 11,269,626 MWh.

The total water amount in the reservoirs during May was 8,857,792 million cubic meters, while in April amounted to 11,455,105 million cubic meters.

The average market price of electricity in May was 35.32 EUR per MWh. , transmits serbia-energy.eu

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