Turkish Teknotes to build 320MW TPP in Serbia

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Turkish Company Teknotes should construct new coal fired thermal power plant, 320 MW strong, in the next 2,5 years.

The contract for common long-term partnership was signed by President of Despotovac Municipality and Director of Turkish Company Teknotes Oral Bajtok in Resavica- it was published on Despotovac municipality website.

According to statements, TPP should be constructed in the place of ex mine “Resava” in Plazan near Despotovac and according to the words of Nenadovic, Turkish investor will invest over 700 million dollars.

“TPP will produce 2 million KWH of electricity yearly which will bring an income to this company of 100 million EUR on annual plan. According to the contract, 3% of total electricity production income will go to Despotovac municipality”, Nenadovic said.

Strategy partner to Turkish Company in TPP construction project will be Public Company for Underground Exploitation of Coal “Resavica”.

Director of this Company, Vladan Milosevic who participated in signing the contract said that coal from their new mine, which will be opened soon, will be delivered to this plant.

“Next to placement of this coal to this plant, we will have closer cooperation and connection to EPS which is considered with this contract”, Milosevic said.

He stressed that this partnership is important to municipality because it will enable employment of 60 people.

Director of Turkish Teknotes Oral Bajtok said that only plant will employ around 400 workers while additional 200 workers will be employed in mine of dark coal Rembas.

“First facilities we will build with your national companies will have power of 320 MW that will produce 2 million KWH yearly minimum”, Bajtok said.

He added that this cooperation will last 30 years at least. Representatives from Serbian Government also participated in contract signing.

Source; Serbia Energy