Ukraine: Repairs in TPPs influences significant imbalance of power for TSO Co Ukrenergo

, SEE Energy News

TSO company “Ukrenergo” says imbalance of power in the United Energy System of Ukraine on Monday 27 july morning was in the amount of 2800 MW.

According to the operative data of Ukrenergo, this is due to the fire break and stoppage of the three units at Uglegorskaya TPP (“Centrenergo”) . Before fire in the plant, TPP had running units 1,3,4 with a load of 810 MW and thermal power plants Mironovskaya (“DTEK Donetskoblenergo”) with a load of 70 MW.

On Sunday night unit №2 at Ladyzhynskaya thermal power station (250 MW) was stopped due to noise in the boiler furnace, and Zaporizhzhya TPP unit 1 300MW was stopped due to damage of dredge pumping station .

The total unbalance on Monday morning was 1.55 GW.

Unit №1 Zaporizhzhia NPP (1,000 MW) is also stopped due to the unplanned repairs.

“Ukrenergo” TSO company manages grid network and interstate power lines, as well as centralized dispatching work of ECO.Ukrenergo is a state-owned enterprise, which is managed by the Ministry of Fuel and Energy.

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