Ukraine: Ukrenergo TSO company reduces transmission in 1Q2016

, SEE Energy News

NEC “Ukrenergo” has reduced the transmission of electricity through main network by 11.8% in January-March 2016 (3 billion 956 472 000 kWh) compared to the same period in 2015 – up to 29 billion 561.896 million kWh, according to the the company’s website.

The cost of electric power transmission “Ukrenergo” has increased by 21.8% for the three months (by UAH 152.485 million) – up to 851.678 million UAH.

The company in January-March increased its capital investments by 79.1% (to 347 840 000 USD) – up to 787.532 million UAH.

Common NEC expenses increased by 6.6% (by UAH 36.438 million) – up to 585.836 million UAH, including repair costs – by 37.8% (by UAH 6.498 million), to UAH 23.683 million.

As reported, “Ukrenergo” has reduced the transmission of electricity through main networks by 7.5% (9 billion 747.411 million kWh) compared to the 2014 year in 2015 – up to 120 billion 94,211,000 kWh. Cost of services for the transfer of NPC increased by 73% over the past year (2 billion 247.712 million USD) – up to 5 billion 327.227 million UAH.

“Ukrenergo” operates the backbone and interstate power lines, as well as centralized scheduling of the interconnection of the country. NEC is a state-owned enterprise, is under the Ministry of Energy and Mines, transmits