Western Serbia – 400kV Transmission System Upgrade -PFS/FS

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The project has planned the upgrade of the existing 200 kV network in Western Serbia to 400 kV. The existing overhead lines and substation equipment at Bajina Basta, and the OHL to Valjevo, Obrenovac and Beograd 3, are in extremely poor condition after 50 years of continuous service.

There is also a need to develop a new 400 kV network to accommodate potential projects and to allow for the future development of the electrical system, not only in Serbia and the Western Balkan region, but also connecting into North-East and South-East Europe.
The Pre-Feasibility Study determined the scheme to be analysed in more detail in the Feasibility Study, defining the approach, phasing and sequencing of the transmission system upgrade from 220kV to 400kV and taking into account the environmental and social impact.

The main conclusions were the need to replace the existing lines rather than to refurbish them and the definition of the recommended option. This option was studied in detail during the subsequent feasibility study which carried out the necessary investigations, technical studies, and social and environmental impact assessments. The economic evaluation of the project showed a positive return on the investment.

Source Wbif