What is amount of gross electricity production in Bosnia-Herzegovina?

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The Directors of the Electric Power Industry of Republika Srpska, Luka Petrovic and the Electric Power Company of HZHB, Marinko Gilja, signed in Mostar contracts for joint production of electricity at the Capljina Hydroelectric Power Plant in 2020, with an estimated value of 100 million BAM.

The provisions of this contract of the Republika Srpska Electric Power Company are obliged to provide regulated discharge of water at the Gorica Dam of its Trebinje Hydro Power Plant, while Mostar Electric Power Company has undertaken to provide electricity production at the Capljina plant.

Petrovic said that this contract continues the good cooperation between the two power companies and that the signed contract is of benefit to both companies, but also the local communities Neum, Capljina and Ravno.

Gross electricity production in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018 was 19.160 GWh, out of which 6.519 GWh or 34% was produced in hydropower plants and 12.079 GWh or 63% in thermal power plants, and 562 GWh (3%) was produced in auto producers and others (wind and solar power plants).

Own consumption in power plants was 1248 GWh, and 364 GWh in other energy sectors.

In final electricity consumption in 2018 households participated with share of 40.9%, industry with share of 37.6% and other consumers including construction, transport and agriculture with 21.5%.

The largest share in final electricity consumption in 2018 at industry sector had a Non-Ferrous Metals Industry with 41.5% while Iron and Steel Industry participated with share of 19%, according to BiH’s Agency for Statistics.

Total heat production in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018 was 5.759 TJ, out of which 3.412 TJ or 59.2% was produced in district heating plants, 1.757 TJ or 30.5% in thermal power plants and 590 TJ or 10.3% was produced by auto producers.

In final heat energy consumption in 2018, households had the largest share of 74.6%, and industry and other consumers with a share of 25.4%.

Source: sarajevotimes.com