Why Montenegro is not allowed to lose Electrical Power Industry of Montenegro (EPCG)

9. July 2012. / SEE Energy News

If EPCG was unprincipled divided or sold, it would be like when you give bloodstream of some organism to someone else, but you still think that that organism is yours., says the Profesor of Faculty of Electrical engineering Sreten Skuletic.

Do you think that the Government should not allow the state to lose its majority ownership, and whether Government wants it to stay unique company, or to be divided, which means that Italian partner A2A would get hydro power plants?

Maybe some experts have different opinion, but, on the bases of my 40 year long experience, I think that the state should keep majority ownership in all vital and important resources.

Is electricity in Montenegro expensive, having in mind its quality, and do you think that social environment that could bear this prices actually is not created?

In our practice, there is often confusion about two expert terms. Electricity is not being sold, so it can not have its own price. It can

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