Wind Energy Finance in Practice Forum

21. June 2013. / Uncategorized

Wind Energy Finance in Practice Forum, Event Summary

Nowadays the global market has an insatiable appetite for renewable energy and the future is even brighter when it comes to Wind Energy. But financing renewable energy in all forms is an increasing challenge for the industry. As the regulatory environment and the policy landscape are changing in a fast pace, market players always have to find new ways to turn these challenges into opportunities. Looking at a wider context – it is more likely that economic, technological and political factors will determine the future of wind energy rather than geophysical issues.

The Wind Energy Finance in Practice, 4th from our Global Renewable Energy Finance in Practice Series is a vibrant platform for three years, and is well known for attracting decision-makers from financial industry, policymakers, and energy experts and has become one of the best deal-making and networking events of the year, which explores relevant wind energy challenges and share best practices and solutions to help in shaping industry’s wind power finance.

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