Wind energy potentials in Montenegro

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The estimate of the countrywide wind energy potential was first performed and the results presented in the format of countrywide wind maps, showing the average wind speed and the average wind power at a reference height (50 meters) above ground level.

Following the wind energy potential mapping, a more detailed technical potential evaluation was conducted in order to properly take into account all the main restrictions that can reduce the potential of exploitation of the wind resource. Wind measurements at the ground were also used to validate and further refine the preliminary results above in order to obtain a final estimate of the annual wind energy production calibrated on actual wind data.

Montenegro shows a good potential for wind energy systems in specific portions of its territory. From the analysis, the wind speed turns out to be lower than 5 meters per second in most of the Montenegro, thus in a typical range of Northern Italy and Central Europe.

However, the estimated values were increasing to 5-7 meters per second moving toward the sea, reaching 7-8 meters per second in promising areas along the coast, where typical values of South Italy, Greece and Spain are noticed.

Typical values of the actual wind potential is of the order of 100