“WindVision” and “Synvalor” to construct 15MEUR biomass plant in Serbia

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The project of cogeneration biomass plant construction, plant that will serve remote heating in Senta and produce green electricity, was presented to the Parliament of Senta municipality where State Secretary in Ministry of Energy, Dejan Novakovic, consul from Holland Embassy in Belgrade, Dominik Kuhling and representative of companies from Belgium and Holland “WindVision” and “Synvalor” that should realize investment according to the most modern technology adjusted to EU standards.

State Secretary for Energy, Novakovic, announced that Serbian Government supports all investments in energy area, so government have supported over 250 projects in this area with enforcement of new policy in order to manage goal EU set and to approach production of 27% from renewable energy sources.

Remote heating for 2.200 consumers in Senta is being provided from the Sugar Factory TE-TO for three decades and the president of Senta municipality Rudolf Cegledi stressed that the goal is to put heating activity of the city into communal sphere so it can develop further. The first step were activities on taking over of distribution network of TE-TO Sugar Factory which is being done in predicted terms, according to the words of Cegledi, and it will be delivered to PC “Elgas” until 1 August.

The most profitable solution in resolving the question of energy source for remote heating was offered by the company “WindVision” from Belgium for biomass use which is a lot in the closest surroundings of agricultural production. Cegledi and representatives of the companies from Belgium and Holland announced that the first phase of BPP construction shall be realized until 1 October in 2014.

The value of construction of the first phase of BPP is 15,2 million EUR which would provide 8,4 MW of electricity while the other phase of the same energy strength would be installed for 2015/2016 heating season. Necessary amount of 35.000 thousand tons of biomass a year which is required for the first phase would be provided from agricultural producers from surrounding municipalities at a distance of 50 km which is only 10% of available potential.

Cegledi announced that after the discussion about suggested project the letter about intentions with Belgian company “WindVision” may be signed until the end of this month in order to launch project realization as soon as possible.

Source; Serbia Energy/Agencies