WindVision makes next step for their 174MW wind energy project in Serbia

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One of the biggest planned foreign investments in renewable energy sources in Serbia has been finally given the green light to enter the next stage of development. Last Thursday Municipality Alibunar approved the Detailed Regulation Plan for the construction of wind farm complex with a total capacity of 174 megawatts.

The value of the project is 290 million euro, and after three years of extensive preparation and serious investments, the Belgian-Dutch company WindVision won the opportunity to submit documentation for obtaining construction permit. The realization of this investment will create the preconditions for long-term local economic development of one of the least developed municipalities in Serbia.

– Within the development and implementation of projects Wind farm Alibunar 1 of 99MW and Wind farm Alibunar 2 of 75MW it has been invested all our knowledge and years of experience from around the world. WindVision is currently the owner and operator of wind farm of installed 120 megawatts in Belgium, with a tendency until 2016 to build 1.5 gig watts! For wind farm complex in Alibunar it is completed the necessary Study on impacts on birds and bats, and it is obtained positive approval from the Institute for Nature Protection of Vojvodina. Also, it is prepared the Study on environmental impact assessment that should be submitted for the public overview says Danilo Drndarski, country manager of WindVision for Serbia.

There are obtained and the technical conditions of PE “Elektromreza Srbije” for both projects for connection 274 MW to the transmission line Pancevo 2 – Alibunar 2, as well as all positive technical conditions required for construction permit issuance.

Provincial officer from Alibunar, Nedeljko Konjokrad states that the project of WindVision will have far-reaching solution for a bunch of problems in this municipality:

– Municipality must be far more efficient in realization of this project. By the investment of several hundred million euros, many infrastructural and social problems shall be settled, and I would recommend to the other municipalities in the area of kosava district to be up to date in the development of such projects, said Konjokrad.