With electricity market liberalization to integrated electricity market in South East Europe

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Minister of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection, Dr Zorana Mihajlovic participated in the conference “Regional electricity market” on Thursday, 25 April, 2013. Conference was organized under the patronage of Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection.

The first topic on the conference was “How to manage integration of electricity market in South East Europe” and discussion was made by Zorana Mihajlovic, Director of SEE Energy Association Secretariat Janez Kopac, Ljiljana Hadzibabic , member of the Advisory of Energy Agency and Dragan Vlaisavljevic, Director of electricity trade in EPS.

Professor Zorana Mihajlovic, Minister of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection said that liberalization process and market opening process began and that geographical position of Serbia should be used. Serbia can have a central place at electricity market. Like she said, law procedures and by-laws are primary to the electricity market and the other important phase is reconstruction of big systems which are carriers of regional electricity market like Elektroprivreda Srbije. She added that making ambient for EPS’s reform is necessary so that we can talk about market liberalization and the state which, as the mayor owner of EPS, has a task to make conditions and enable this company to become concurrent.

She said that Serbian Government will make decision required or making regional electricity stock market and reminded that electricity market in Serbia has opened for 10% since 1 January and the state is ready for electricity and gas market opening.

Janez Kopac, Directror of Energy Community, said that EU made 7 trade regions with a goal to come to an integrated market in all these regions. The final goal is to make the only one electricity market until 2014. Legal frame for forming the market is second and third energy package, the second should be used in Energy Association but not in all countries- Kopac said and added that third package needs to be applied until 1 January 2015. He stressed that Minister Zorana Mihajlovic had informed him that this third package will be applied this year.

Deputy Minister of Electro Energy in the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection was talking in the second panel which subject was “Forming the electricity stock market of SEE”. Trifunovic stressed that making the strategy of energy development is in final phase. He also pointed that Ministry has done a lot about renewable energy sources what can significantly influence electricity market in the future period.

All preconditions for investing in this area are made and there is a big number of applications and interested in renewable sources investing, Trifunovic said and added that some capacities are constructed, some of them are in the phase of construction and big projects in this area are expected in the following years.