Zarubeznjeft is interested for hydrocarbon research in Croatia

, SEE Energy News

Bosanski Brod Refinery should be modernized by 2016.

Sergey Kudryashov, the first man of Russian Zarubeznjeft, the owner of refineries Bosanski Brod stated that this company is working on modernization continuation of disputable Brod’s refinery and that ecological problems should be solved until 2016 partly with connection to South Stream so refinery can install gas.

The Company is interested in extension to Croatian market but it doesn’t see any economy profit in the construction of production pipeline to Slavonski Brod. Bosnian market does successful business currently where transport expenses are lower. Kudryashov said that they are interested in research of gas and oil in Croatia which is a sector where they have a lot of experience in so they formed working group of experts who study Croatian geology.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Agencies